Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 4: Halloween


My brother and I never really celebrated Halloween. My dad doesn't believe in it and we were never really allowed to go Trick or Treating. When we were little, we would go to our grandmother's house, though, and help hand out candy to those who were going out.

But when I started middle school, there were a few times when we were allowed to go Trick or Treating, and I'd also go to Halloween parties my friends hosted. There was also a HUGE bonfire at Harmon Park that we would go to and hang out. And trust me when I say that going to a bonfire wearing a 1950's-style skirt is VERY COLD! I had to wear a coat, which totally covered up my costume.

There are 4 costumes I can remember wearing: the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, a saloon-style scarlet dress, a witch, and the 1950's-style outfit.

Though my brother and I rarely participated in Halloween, when we did it was a blast! One thing people are surprised about is that I've never gone to a haunted house. I hope to go to one sometime eventually.


Sweet Evil Week 4 Reading

I'm not going to write a full review until I've finished the book at the end of the Read Along, but each week I'll share a snippet from one of my favorite scenes and a favorite quote.


Anna and Kaidan's Connection Broken (Pages 441-442):

My father continued to shove me from behind, up the narrow stairs and down the darkened hall, shoulder-to-shoulder with other Neph. I kept turning, trying to peer around my dad's solid body, frantic for a glimpse of Kai.

And there he was, also attempting to push through the people. I reached my arm back, feeling my dad's hands firm around my waist. Kaidan's warm fingers locked around mine, and our gazes held. In those blue eyes was a shattered look that made my soul ache.

"Enough!" my father scolded gruffly, pulling me and breaking my connection to Kai. I screamed out. We burst into the frozen night, where my father hailed a waiting cab, opening the door and flinging me inside. He gave directions to the cabdriver.

"Straight to the hotel," my dad said to me, throwing cash on my lap. "I'll deal with you later."

He slammed the door shut.

"What's going  on at that club?" the cabbie asked as he laid on the gas pedal. "There a fire in there or something?"

I couldn't answer. I spun around in the seat, staring at Kaidan on the edge of the sidewalk, hands on his head, air condensing like smoke from his lips, watching me leave.

A Couple Favorite Quotes (Pages 404 & 439):

"I watched you tonight, Anna. You enjoyed yourself, didn't you? You loved the attention of that bartender and the eyes of the men on you while you danced for them. Admit it. You loved it."


"It is not her time. She will serve as a test to many souls."

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