Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 3: Truth or Dare


To be honest, me and my friends never really played this game much. And when we did we'd always end up pretty bored, pretty fast. Maybe that's because none us really picked DARE that often. Although there wasn't really much for us to do for dares. The coward that I am, I never picked DARE. I'd rather embarrass myself saying something truthful than looking like a fool doing something stupid.

Keeping with my tradition of always picking TRUTH, I'll tell you one embarrassing truth about myself.

**I always get embarrassed while reading romance novels--any kind, but mostly those with explicit sex scenes--because, well, I've never so much as been kissed, and some of those scenes can be really HOT, if you know what I mean.**

Sweet Evil Week 3 Reading

I'm not going to write a full review until I've finished the book at the end of the Read Along, but each week I'll share a snippet from one of my favorite scenes and a favorite quote.

Kopano and Kaidan Talk, While Anna Eavesdrops (Pages 314-315):

"Do not be upset, Kai. I feel only concern for her."

"I'll bet you do."

Kaidan's clipped, harsh response was in direct contrast to Kopano's tranquil words.

"Even you are willing to risk yourself for her, brother."

"That's because I actually know her. What's your reason? I suppose you'd like to get to know her, too?"

"You have made it very clear that she is not available in that way. Be reasonable. There is plainly more at stake here. I only wished to help."

"There's nothing you can do, Kope!"

They got quiet and I could hear Kaidan's ragged breaths through his nose.

"Please trust me, brother," Kopano said. "There is no stronger weapon for Pharzuph to use than your concern for each other. If he learns that you were here to console her, you will lose all leverage with him. Do not fool yourself into thinking he will not discard you."

"Yes, some of us have to worry about such things. Thank you for the reminder."

A Couple Favorite Quotes (Pages 296 & 306):

"Oh, that's right, I nearly forgot," Kaidan said with smooth indifference. "The prince and princess would never stoop so low. Well, bottoms up to us peasants."


"Something's brewing. Something big. I don't know what, but the angels are gonna use you. My little soldier girl."

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