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Tour Review: Skin Deep by Shanna Gekko (Promo)

Title: Skin Deep
Series: A Bandit Creek Paranormal Erotic Romance
Author: Shanna Gekko
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Fiction
Elements: Shapeshifters, Warlocks, Dryads/Nymphs 
Publisher: Bandit Creek Books
Format: PDF, 72 Pages
Release Date: December 27, 2011
Source: Tour Host {Bewitching Book Tours}
Rating: 4/5

Tagline(s): ~NONE~

Summary: Kai knows trouble has found him when a fiery pint-sized female shows up at his door, bringing news of gruesome animal sacrifices in the woods around Bandit Creek. She also brings a teasing scent that draws his attention and sends every protective instinct screaming for him to protect his mate.

Hazel is determined to stop the monster she’s been following for miles and she won’t let anything distract her from her mission. She teams up with Kai, but vows to keep a firm “no-touch” policy where the handsome Native is concerned. Her resolve doesn’t last long as the two are drawn together like lodestones, their every
touch igniting a passion neither has faced before.

Only, the trail of ritual sacrifices points to a greater threat than either first realized. They are about to face Kai’s enemy ancestor, a yee naaldlooshii—skinwalker—who will stop at nothing to destroy everything around him.


Kai Hunter, a veterinarian in Bandit Creek, Montana, goes about his regular routine--a morning run through the woods around his house and stopping for breakfast and a chat with Grandfather on the way to his office. But Grandfather leaves Kai with an ominous omen and minutes later Kai's brother, Dan, a forest ranger, comes to the vet office with news of skinned animal corpses being found in the woods. Only predators--ermine, coyote, and wolves--no prey animals have been found, always moving up in size, south of the mines, stinking of evil.

But the forest animals aren't the only ones in danger--Kai is a natural-born skinwalker who takes the form of a wolf--and Dan warns him to be careful on his morning runs and to check his rescue animals to make sure they are safe. Kai takes his brother's warning to heart and returns home to check on his animals, but what he finds there he never expected. Sitting outside his animal pens is a young woman with an alluring scent of nuts and sunlight who sets Kai's wolf howling--and she's more than a little angry.

Hazel Silva has been following the tortured screams of forest animals all the way up to the forests of Bandit Creek. During her search for the one responsible, Hazel come upon some animals penned behind a house in the woods. Infuriated, she waits for the owner to return home. She had not expected the gorgeous man who walks out the back door of the house. Their argument heats up and Hazel, being a tree nymph, uses her earth powers to influence the man. As the man shakes her off and proceeds to check on his RESCUED animals, Hazel, having nowhere else to go, waits for him to finish. When the man offers her his guest room, they accidentally touch and all conscious thought leaves them both as passion consumes them. Once they get a hold on themselves, Hazel knows that she needs to institute a "no-touch" policy, but things don't always go as planned.

Amid danger and death, Kai and Hazel find a passion and bond not easily broken. And when the yee naaldlooshii sets his eyes on Hazel, that very mate bond is what could ultimately save her life.

In Skin Deep, Shanna Gekko uses the Native American skinwalker legend that has risen in popularity recently. There are the natural-born skinwalkers, or shapeshifters, like Kai who prefers the wolf and his brother, Dan, who prefers the hawk. But then there is the yee naaldlooshii who does ritual sacrifice to gain the power and skin of the animal sacrificed. This unnatural-born skinwalker basically tortures the animal for it's skin. Shanna also uses tree spirits--dryads and nymphs. They ARE the forest and they bear witness to the pain and torture this evil skinwalker is causing.

Not only did I enjoy reading about these supernatural creatures, I also like the romance between Kai and Hazel. I have always like reading about the bonds created by a mating. It is a bond so strong that it can save or destroy those bound by it. It's the ultimate connection one could have with the person they love.

Bandit Creek is a very interesting town, with enigmatic people and mysterious events. I definitely can't wait to read more about this town, its people, and the mysteries that abound there.

About this Author: 

Shanna Gekko currently juggles writing with herding kids and pets, and a full-time job, among other commitments, and she truly doesn’t know how she does it. While she will read practically anything, her writing has strayed to the fantastic since she was in Grade 7. You can read some of her musings at 

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