Monday, March 25, 2013

Tour Review: Ascent of Blood by Elizabeth Marx (Giveaway)

Title: Ascent of Blood
Series: Red Veil #1
Author: Elizabeth Marx
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Fiction
Elements: Vampires
Publisher: Elizabeth Marx
Format: Kindle Edition
Release Date: December 10, 2012
Source: Tour Host {FMB Book Tours}
Rating: 4/5

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Tagline(s): Sometimes, love is conceived in the mind of a man long before it is ever realized.

Summary: 1990, Cardiff, Wales. Vampire prince, Sebastian Pearce, has waited six-hundred years for the right human mate. His own beloved mother was a mortal capable of carrying immortal offspring. While vampires no longer require live donors for sustenance, Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on them making breeders a rare commodity. As numbers in Sebastian’s Imperial House continue to dwindle, his virgin bride eludes him. That is, until he happens upon a young woman searching for information about a sacred vampire text, the Book of Descent. Sebastian’s desire for her is more potent than anything he’s felt for another woman, but Everleigh Marbut isn’t innocent. She’s an American with a mind of her own, and worst of all, she’s already carrying an immortal being. As Sebastian and Everleigh fight their attraction to each other, they don’t realize they’re being lured into a battle pitting medieval myth against the power of modern science to recreate life until it’s too late.

The destiny of his lineage, and the bond forged between them, now rests in their acceptance of each other as they are.

Short Review:

Ascent of Blood takes place 600 years after the events in Descent of Blood. The Old World meets the New World when Sebastian Pearce meets Everleigh Marbut. As I'm sure you've guessed, once such different mind views clash, hilarity ensues. And because nothing is ever easy, once Sebastian realizes who Everleigh is to him, it's made more difficult by the fact that she's pregnant with another vampire's baby. I'm in love with this series, and I can't wait for the next book!

About this Author:

Windy City writer, Elizabeth Marx, brings cosmopolitan life alive in her fiction—a blend of romance, fast-paced Chicago living, and a sprinkle of magical realism. Elizabeth resides with her husband, girls, and two cats who’ve spelled everyone into believing they’re really dogs. She grew up in the city, has traveled extensively, and still says there’s no town like Chi-Town.

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