Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tour Review: The Secret of Ella and Micha (Playlist)

Title: The Secret of Ella And Micha
Series: The Secret #1
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Genre: New Adult Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Jessica Sorensen
Format: PDF, 155 Pages
ISBN: 9781939045010
Release Date: October 4, 2012
Source: Author {Jessica Sorensen}

Tagline(s): One secret that will change their lives forever.

Summary: Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.

Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home.

Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.

Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes.



The Secret of Ella and Micha Playlist:

All the Same by Sick Puppies
The Story by Brand Carlile
Shameful Metaphors by Chevelle
The Fiction We Live by From Autumn to Ashes
Black Sun by Jo Mango
Rush by Dance Movie
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
The Distance by Cake
Live and Die by The Avett Brothers

About this Author:

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives with her husband and three kids in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.


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